It’s an incredible feeling: Suddenly your muscles start ripping at the seams of your shirts, you get stronger at every workout, and people gasp at the size of your arms. It’s like you’re morphing into a superhero—and grabbing attention like one too: Lots of double-takes at the beach, pool or lake and stares of disbelief at your pumped-up beef. (Even better, ladies want to squeeze your arms, chest, shoulders—everything. Talk about living the dream!)

If you’ve experienced those warp-speed gains, you’re either one of those rare genetic freaks who builds muscle by just looking at a barbell, or you’re an anabolic steroid user. If you’re in the majority, however—a normal drug-free bodybuilder—those explosive size and strength gains are fantasy. Or are they? Research studies have good news...

You Don’t Have to Use to Get Huge

Steroids work fast, no question, but they are flat-out dangerous and expensive—and who needs the guilt, worry or jail time. Now for the exciting news: Researcher have discovered a safe, natural substance that replicates one of the major anabolic accelerators that makes steroids so powerful at packing on slabs of muscle mass....

“Yeah, right,” you’re saying. “I’ve heard that before.” But this is not hype—it’s a scientifically proven fact, as you’ll see. Here’s how it works:

One reason drug-free bodybuilders have so much trouble adding lean mass quickly is because of cortisol. You may have heard of it. It’s a muscle-melting hormone that floods your system when you’re stressed....

Every time you have an argument, pay bills, drive in traffic, stub your toe or work out, your body pumps out cortisol that eats muscle tissue like a blowtorch melts through butter.2

Did you get that? Any stressful situation—even lifting weights—turns on your fight-or-flight juices, and your muscle melts away in a cortisol fireball. No wonder you have such a hard time gaining mass—your workout stimulates, then cortisol annihilates. It’s like you’re on a slow-to-no-grow treadmill. What a waste—literally...

And that’s exactly why so many bodybuilders resort to steroids. Those drugs partially block cortisol, making it much, much easier to pack on rock-hard, seam-splitting beef. According to researchers:

“[Steroids] bind with glucocorticoid cell receptors, those that interact with cortisol—and that tilts the balance toward anabolism, not catabolism.”

In other words, if you partially block cortisol, you’re automatically in the muscle-building money big time—you’ve hit the get-jacked jackpot! And that’s precisely what phosphatidylserine, or PS, does—it controls cortisol and stops muscle wasting in its tracks so you stay fully anabolic and keep adding layer after layer of new mass!

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The Science of Steroid-Free Mass Gains

This is NOT just wishful thinking. Scientists have proven that PS works. Studies show that PS taken orally can decrease cortisol by more than 30 percent after intense exercise, either endurance3 or weight training.4 That can result in pounds of new muscle mass filling out your frame before you can say, “No, I don’t use ’roids, but thanks for asking.”

PS works! In fact, there’s a book written about it, phosphatidylserine: Promise for Athletic Performance, by Edmund Burke, Ph.D., and Thomas Fahey, Ed.D., and these respected researchers conclude:

“As far as the effect of PS on corticosteroids is concerned, it can be used as a natural substitute for anabolic steroids. PS depresses cortisol production, while anabolic steroids block the action of cortisol by cross-binding with the corticosteroid receptor site.”1

That scientific discovery should get you very excited: PS can give you steroid-like muscle-building spikes—but unlike steroids, PS is completely NATURAL and SAFE. PS is a soy lipid, a health supplement that’s often given to seniors to help prevent muscle and brain degeneration. According to Burke and Fahey:

“PS has been proven safe in standard animal toxicology tests. A flawless safety record exists for PS use in the large number of human studies as well.”

Every mass-seeking bodybuilder should be using PS before every workout if they want to pack on as much muscle mass as possible! Are you ready to give it a test drive and start getting the insane muscle gains you deserve? You should be psyched, but hold on, there’s more...

PS Get-Big Bonus Points

• More Testosterone: Lower cortisol levels have been shown to produce an increase in free testosterone, your key anabolic hormone. The more free testosterone you have coursing through your veins, the easier it is to add slabs of muscle (steroids are synthetic forms of testosterone, so it’s one more way PS duplicates steroid-like gains).

• Laser Focus: PS has been shown to improve mental sharpness and focus. That means you get laser concentration in the gym for better workouts and more muscle-fiber stimulation during every set.

• Faster fat loss: This is actually more of a get-lean bonus because less cortisol reduces carb cravings and helps you drop ugly bodyfat faster than a speeding bullet. If you’re looking for acid-etched abs, PS can help.

Less cortisol, more anabolic testosterone and fierce focus in the gym equals a bigger, more muscular you faster than you thought possible—and it’s scientifically proven and safe. It’s truly an incredible anabolic edge. Give PS a try for more size. You’ve got nothing to lose and pounds of raw, attention-grabbing muscle to gain!

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